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Decorative fabrics can bring life to any room with their colors, textures, and richness. In addition, they add a feeling of warmth and privacy. With a variety of styles to choose from, The Blind Shop has a fabric treatment that's right for you.

The thickness and sound absorption of draperies not only bring privacy to your home, but drapes are an energy-conscious way to keep the warmth in.

Get outstanding fabric treatments for your windows today from The Blind Shop.

Draperies for texture, color, and security

 •  Single, inverted, or butterfly pleats

 •  Goblet and slouch headings

 •  Swags and pole wrapped swags

 •  Upholstered cornices and balloons

Visit us to find decorative custom bed coverings, pillows, shams, and skirts for any size bed. We also carry mirror frames, shower curtains, and more!

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Experience the benefits of fabric treatments

Gain security, save energy

Endless drapery styles

Beautiful custom bedspreads and beyond