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Vertical blinds from The Blind Shop are developed to make your life easier. We feature an auto-rotate device that when the blinds are closed and you pull the cord, they automatically rotate to the open position as they draw back. If the slats become turned out of the position, then just rock the chain back and forth to re-align the slats to the proper position.

Want the convenience of blinds with the look of draperies? Try ADO fabric-wrapped blinds. The fabric is even machine-washable!

Make life easier with anti-jamming, low maintenance, beautiful blinds from The Blind Shop.

Easy, gorgeous vertical blinds

We also offer a sheer fabric wrapped vertical blind called the Ado Wrap Complete manufactured by Ado Corp. There are many sheer fabrics to choose from. The sheer can be UN-spapped from the blind and washed, spun dry and hung back up damp with no ironing.

It's hard to know what kind of blinds are right for your home without seeing them in person. Visit our showroom to see our large selection of affordable blinds!

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Auto-rotate vertical blinds for easy maintenance

Stylish fabric-wrapped blinds

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